Email Marketing Tips for Your Business

For those of you who are business people, the term email marketing will be very familiar to you. If you are a business practitioner in the digital era (Digital Marketing), maybe every day you deal with email marketing. It is undeniable, successful email marketing is one of the determinants of the success of the business you are running. By understanding the tips and techniques, you will be able to increase your business profits


Who Is The First Email Marketing User?

Gary Thuerk was the first person to send email marketing in 1978. Since then, email has been known as one of the most effective marketing tools. In 2017, of the 205 billion e-mails sent every day, 120 billion of them are business e-mails which include e-mail marketing.


Email marketing is also a personal way to communicate with your customers. Not just anyone or company gets an email address. Even if they get an email address they send a message based on the permission of the intended email user.


To Better Understand How Email Marketing Works, This Is An Interesting Illustration To Illustrate The Use Of Successful Email Marketing


So, Jane is a businessman who has a sales target of 1 month must be sold out, and new items come in the following month. For this reason, he uses SEO, Facebook Ads and Google AdWords as a marketing channel and then directs the ad readers to the sales website. However, Jane looked for other ways, namely by sending e-mails to all her customers. And it turned out that old customers responded and made large orders. And he also produced more repeat orders and profits only from sending emails.


In conclusion, email marketing is a series of digital marketing activities that starts from collecting e-mail, followed by sending mass e-mails, which contain product or promo information, which aims to bring in sales from both old buyers and new buyers.


Although in theory it looks simple and easy, but it should be noted if you send a lot of emails directly manually, then it is possible that the email is considered spam. Special techniques are needed so that your email is received by your email marketing targets.


Then, What Causes Your Email To Be Considered As ‘Spam’ And How To Overcome It?
From the way you get your prospective customer’s email address.


If you get an e-mail address from the way of scrapping or buying from a third party, then this will not only make the e-mail go spam, but e-mail will be bounced. That is where the email we send back to us as the sender again. The safest way to get an email address is list building through the opt-in form. This is because the subscribers provide their e-mail addresses consciously.


Your IP Address is in the spam blacklist

In other words, the address of the server /IP address / domain to send your email already has a bad reputation and has been included in the spam blacklist. So that no matter how many emails you send, then the email will always be in spam. It is strongly recommended to always check the status of your ip address and domain to always enter the white list.


Your email is filtered

The point is that the content and subject matter of the email you sent contains words that contain spam jargon. His example includes: free, free, discounts, vouchers, percent (%) and so on. Besides those dirty words, containing violence, promotion can also be an indicator of your email entering spam. To overcome spam e-mail with this cause is to avoid these words when your domain is new and not use it too often. If your domain age is long enough, occasionally you can use words like the one above that are important not intensively and repeatedly.


One-way email

The point is that you only send email without inviting recipients to reply to your email. This could be the cause of spam emails because basically the email is a 2-way communication tool. So how to deal with spam inbox for this reason is to invite the recipient of your email to reply to the email you sent.


Rules About Using Email Marketing

There is a law that regulates e-mail marketing, namely CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, a law that regulates how companies send e-mail marketing and is legally authorized in the United States. There are many points in the law, including:

  1. Every email marketing, there must be “unsubscribe” words and the link must be accessible for 30 days after the email has been sent
  2. You must immediately process an unsubscribe request within 10 days
  3. The sender’s email address must exist
  4. The subject must be relevant to the content
  5. You must receive the same email marketing that your client receives


A Few Tips For Your Email Marketing To Work


Send a promotional campaign

Promotional campaigns for some of your products are effective ways to increase the awareness of potential buyers and increase interest in customers buying products that are offered.


Those are some of the Email Marketing tips that might provide insight to you for the sustainability of the business that you are running. Hopefully it will be useful.


Send updates regarding your brand to the audience

ProProviding updated information about your business is an effort to provide an emotional attachment to the audience with your brand or product. This step is also intended to make your brand better known in the community.

Maintain audience involvement by sending useful content

You can send e-mails with helpful tips or information to your customers or potential customers so that they feel comfortable with the number of e-mails that come to them. So, when you submit promotional content, they don’t feel uncomfortable with the content, instead they can increase the sales of your products.


Request feedback or reviews from the audience

Requesting feedback is very necessary to increase your customers’ trust in the brand or product you sell. With the request for feedback, your customers will feel cared for and hear their voice.

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