Why You Should Post Video Content on Instagram

Based on the results of research by BrightLocal, video content has been shown to be more in demand or get more engagement. Then, what is the connection with the business that you are running?


We cannot promise that every video you post on Instagram will get very much interaction or even influence your business. But clearly the video content you post gives more engagement on your Instagram platform, more than post image or carousel posts.


It can be seen that video content gets more comments than images and carousels. Besides that, you get more view (or impression).


Let’s look at another big account, like Ubisoft.

Ubisoft video content gets 1500+ comments, whereas in other posts like pictures and carousels only get 100-200 comments.


Of course this is not a definite count, but from the statistics that have been tested, it clearly provides insight that video content gets more comments and views than other content such as images and howls.


The conclusion we can give to business people is, invest your time and money to create quality content to be posted on Instagram social media platforms, be it videos on the timeline, Instagram Stories, or video Advertising.

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