Online Reputation Management

With the increase in Internet technology, it is easier for anyone to make an opinion on social media. This is actually a time bomb that will threaten the reputation of your business brand. Just a few posts on social media can destroy your business reputation and drop your business revenue.


Sync has been trusted to run digital services that we named Online Reputation Management. With this service, we maintain the reputation of your business from negative news or hoaxes that can threaten the sustainability of your business at any time.


With a method that has proven effective, we can reduce the hot issues that have the potential to damage the reputation of your business product or brand. Some of the preventive steps that we take are media monitoring and social media listener so that we can prevent before the spread of a negative news or issue.

Brand Protection

The brand that you have built for years can just break down because of a comment that you post on social media. At the stage of a negative campaign attack on you or your business, preventive measures are needed. We have a professional and experienced team handling negative campaigns against our clients’ brands.


Making your brand good on the Internet cannot be done with just one digital campaign action, but you need to take advantage of existing platforms on the Internet to increase positive value for your brand and your business. Then you have to carry out media monitoring activities to always get useful information to find out the extent of the issues that lead to your business or brand. Submit brand protection work to those of us who are experienced, you simply run your business according to your business development plan.

Social Listening & Media Monitoring

We have tools that can pull data on a trend that is being discussed on social media and online news. You can avoid spreading negative issues on social media by knowing the source of the issue was made.


Sync has been trusted to run this service with accurate results. The data we provide to you is very easy to understand and detail, so you can carry out effective preventative steps.

Issue Prevention

Being able to understand what is being talked about by netizens is very beneficial for the continuity of your business, because this is very related to how the direction of the conversation will make your business fall or even increase the potential profit on your business. With the issue prevention, the worst possibility that will happen to the good name of your company will be avoided.


We have the right tools to always get updated trending issues that are being discussed on the Internet or social media related to your business brand. With our tools, you can immediately make a step to prevent negative issues from spreading on social media.

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