Video Making & Photography

Sync has a reliable team working on a video and photography project to support visual content that will be closely related to the success of your business campaign. It is evident now that content using videos is more in demand by the public.


Making a video or photo content is not easy without an experience and implementation of a good creative idea. Creative ideas also cannot be directly made into a video or photo content without experience. Our team has experience making interesting video or motion graphic content to be used as a digital marketing campaign for your business.

Video Making Process

The process of making our video campaign through a fairly complex journey, starting from concept planning, storyboarding, script writing, actor selection, to the use of videography equipment that is complete enough to make an interesting and professional video campaign.


Our team also has an editor who masters experienced video editor tools to produce interesting high definition videos to be seen on a large screen.

Good Quality Photography

We do not carelessly create a photo visual content. Even though it is now easier to make a photographic content, we still apply high technique and use a professional team to create quality content for our clients’ business needs.

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